Top Search Engine Ranking Factors for 2011

14 06 2011

SEOmoz has aggregated the opinions of industry experts to paint a picture of the current and future state of SEO.

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Overall Ranking


Social media bounces and Google instant previews ads

27 04 2011

Lots of news coming out of the long weekend, some good stats on social media and smartphones. Also Google’s doing some interesting things with Instant previews.

Today, we have numbers from Outbrain. This is the company that makes the “You Also Might Like” widget that suggests related content at the bottom of a blog post. They examined traffic from 100 million sessions across more than 100 premium publishers in order to find out how people are discovering content and what happens when they get there.

As we’ve seen from other surveys, the majority of traffic comes from search engines (41%) and content sites (31%). They say social media sends 11% of the traffic, which is better than the 1% ForeSee suggested, but it’s still not fabulous.

The bigger bad news is that once those social media butterflies land at your site, they don’t stay long.

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Google Current Affairs

5 04 2011

Google has recently announced it would be bringing their ultra-fast fiber web to Kansas City.

The exact speed of the internet connection is one gigabit (or a thousand megabits). To put that in perspective, standard “high speed” internet is typically in the 8 to 15 megabit sector, while standard 4G mobile speeds are between 4 and 10 megabits. In either case, the groups are functioning at about 1% of Google’s speed.

It was more than a year ago that Google first announced it would be releasing Google gigabit internet to cities. At that time, Google asked cities to send “applications” to be the center of the experiment. Kansas City was just one among about 1,100 cities to apply. Full article here

Also in Google news:

Among the names announced for Google’s rumored social network are “Google Me” and “Google+1.” Well, at the end of March Google announced that Google +1 is being launched. However, while the utility is social in nature, this certainly isn’t Google’s shot at a service that can compete with Facebook. Rather, it’s a simple button that allows users to indicate which sites they found to be useful. Read the rest of this entry »

Why Meta Descriptions are still important

15 03 2011

How Meta Descriptions are used on Search Engines and Social Media Websites

1. While not a ranking factor, the meta description is still important in organic searches as the search engines use this in the ‘snippet’ that appears below the title in search results.  The more relevant and enticing this snippet is, the more likely you are to get users to click on the listing.

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Five free tools for competitor keyword research

22 02 2011
  • Search Engine Journal has a good article for us cheapo marketers; Five free tools for competitor keyword research to sum up they are SEOmoz Term extractor, Open Site Explorer, Google Adwords Keyword tool,SEMrush, Alexa.
  • Google, for years, have been selecting dynamic titlesfor the search results when they deem that other titles are more appropriate. In fact, Google told us when they pick alternative titles, which includes (1) titles are particularly short, (2) titles are shared across large parts of your site and/or (3) titles appear to be mostly a collection of keywords. A thread at WebmasterWorld has a small uprising with webmasters who are upset that their title tags aren’t showing in Google’s search results. They don’t match the title tag from their page source code and are thus very upset.

That’s about it for today, pretty slow news day.

Revisiting Google Instant

8 02 2011
  • Checking back in with Google Instant, “According to Ben Gomes, the lead engineer on Google Instant, the engine’s newest feature has had a remarkably small attrition rate: Roughly 98% of users are using Instant, leaving around just 2% of users who have opted out.” They go on to claim this is despite the fact that the opt-out button is “really prominent.” If you give this a go yourself you’ll very quickly realize that the opt-out button is not prominent at all and personally I’m a little dubious about these numbers, I guess they’re probably US figures, but I don’t actually know anybody who uses instant. Read the rest of this entry »

Groupon loses ground

28 01 2011
  • A few months back Google made an offer to buy Groupon, a fast growing coupon site primarily based in the USA, the figure was said to be about 6 billion which Groupon turned down. Now over the past week Groupons main competitor Living Social has shot up by 80% traffic while Groupon has declined 20%. The result is that Google and Facebook are both now expressing interest in Living Social, so I bet that 6 billion dollar offer is looking pretty good right now. Head over to Bill Tancer‘s article to see the stats Read the rest of this entry »