Google tells how they read robots.txt

29 11 2010
  • Google is apparently publishing details on how they read robots.txt. More info as it comes.
  • Landing pages are very important to SEOs, and I’ve covered strategies on optimizing them before, but here’s a fresh perspective, “Having the right landing page is incredibly important in getting conversions. It’s one thing to get traffic, but if it doesn’t convert what’s the point?” Article here.
  • Marketing pilgrim has an article that basically takes well known traditional marketing and sales techniques, often used by big retail companies, and relates it back to internet marketing.
  • The life cycle of a website is covered here, personally this is something I want to work on, carrying a website from inception to completion.

Microsoft defies expectations with Bing

29 10 2010

Google has its head in the clouds

19 10 2010
  • Google announced a new feature called “Cloud connect’ today, they had this to say, “In the last year, businesses have started using cloud-based applications from Google Read the rest of this entry » builds a house, makes one vanish

6 10 2010
  • launched a new microsite today as part of a digital campaign to draw attention to the housing issues that low income families face. Read the rest of this entry »