Twitter gone from Google real-time search? (Google Plus 1)

5 07 2011

Google has let their subscription to the Twitter firehose expire.

That means Twitter’s gone from real-time search, for certain. Actually, it appears real-time search is just gone. I don’t see ‘latest’ any more?:


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The bigger news for the SEO world, of course, is this could mean Twitter will be less of a ranking factor in the future. Coincidentally the timing of this matches the launch of Google Project Plus 1. Could Twitter now view Google as a competitor.

Here are a few basic things to know about Google Plus 1

1. Google+ is currently available on an invitation-only basis.

2. Google does not consider it a Facebook competitor (at least publicly).

3. Google+ is currently available for download as an app in the Android Market.

4. When you download that app, it splits off the “Huddle” feature as a separate app.

5. Users can post status updates, and these appear on the Google Profile under a tab called “Posts”. The +1′s and Buzz tabs remain separate. I have to wonder if we’ll see Buzz and Posts merge eventually.

6. What is available now is “just the beginning” according to Google. These are just the first features or presumably many more to come.

7. Circles is one current feature. It lets you share things with different people (kind of like Facebook Groups) but with a very different user interface.




One response

10 07 2011
Nigel Tufnel

Yeah, well, removing “Latest Results” really sucks. Not just Twitter, but I’m finding it very hard to get updates now, for example Fukushima reactor updates. Filtering by “Last 24 Hours” or whatever is NOT the same, it’s mostly junk.

Please bring back “Latest Results”!

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