Facebook decides you’re not interesting enough

3 05 2011

Have you noticed a change in your Facebook news feed? It’s actually been happening for several months now but most people are just beginning to notice. The first sign is when you suddenly realize that you haven’t seen an update from a favorite brand in a while. Then you notice another missing person and another after that.

Those people haven’t stopped posting, but Facebook has decided you’re not interested enough in them, so they’ve been removed from your feed. The culprit is a drop down that branches off the “Most Recent” link which is now set to “Friends and Pages you interact with most.” In order to override this, you must go to Edit Options and choose “All of your friends and pages.”

Trouble is, as a marketer, you can’t flip the switch for everyone who follows your page, so now many of them aren’t seeing your updates. Using only myself as a test case, I’d say that a large portion of people are interested in reading the updates from a brand but have no interest in actually interacting with them. No interaction, means no updates and that might be great for the user who wants a faster Facebook experience but it’s bad news for marketers.

Last month, TravelRepublic.co,uk posted saying that their Facebook fan engagement was down 50% because of this change. Posts that used to get 100,000 impressions are now barely hitting the 50,000 mark and that’s gotta hurt.

Article straight from Andy Beal’s Marketing Pilgrim by Cynthia Boris




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