Google Current Affairs

5 04 2011

Google has recently announced it would be bringing their ultra-fast fiber web to Kansas City.

The exact speed of the internet connection is one gigabit (or a thousand megabits). To put that in perspective, standard “high speed” internet is typically in the 8 to 15 megabit sector, while standard 4G mobile speeds are between 4 and 10 megabits. In either case, the groups are functioning at about 1% of Google’s speed.

It was more than a year ago that Google first announced it would be releasing Google gigabit internet to cities. At that time, Google asked cities to send “applications” to be the center of the experiment. Kansas City was just one among about 1,100 cities to apply. Full article here

Also in Google news:

Among the names announced for Google’s rumored social network are “Google Me” and “Google+1.” Well, at the end of March Google announced that Google +1 is being launched. However, while the utility is social in nature, this certainly isn’t Google’s shot at a service that can compete with Facebook. Rather, it’s a simple button that allows users to indicate which sites they found to be useful.

The easiest comparison to make is with Bing’s current “like” option for pages (integrated with Facebook). The new “+1″ button will appear in much the same location and serve a similar function: letting others connected to you know that you found the site useful. The end goal is to make the search results more social, allowing you to see results that have been +1′d by others like you.

But how does Google determine which users really are “like you”? The first method used is examining similar interests. If you +1 nine sites and another user also +1s those nine sites, a tenth site on the same category +1′d by that other user is likely to be of interest to you. However, Google also assures us that they will be adding a more integrated social structure, where connections on Twitter and other similar sites would also be used to help find appropriate pages. Should Google ever release a full-fledged social service, it would almost certainly be integrated as well.[via the Google Retail Blog]

In other news:

Twitter introduced a new search feature today, geared toward making it easier for users to discover new accounts of interest.

Co-founder Jack Dorsey, who just returned to day-to-day operations at Twitter has made it clear that getting people to figure out what to use Twitter for is a top priority. This seems to fit into that agenda. People are more likely to continue to using Twitter, at least as an information consumption tool, if they care about who is doing the tweeting.

Users can now search for topics and find accounts relevant to the topic, whereas before, such a search would have returned accounts that have the specific term in their name or username. The feature can be utilized by clicking on the “people” section of the search results page or by searching from the “who to follow” page.






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