People on Facebook don’t really like your company

24 03 2011

A report from IBM Institute for Business Value claims that there is a perception gap between consumers and brands in social media. The report says that consumers want deals but brands think they want to be a part of the community. Which sounds pretty much in-line with what I’ve seen. Obviously  company MiO got the memo.


And in Twitter news:

eMarketer has released a study (for sale with no connection to MP) recently that looks to provide a counter balance to the hype that usually is attached to anything Twitter related. US marketers should have a healthy perspective of who uses Twitter and how much of the hype can be trusted. eMarketer puts it this way

Reports of Twitter usage can vary widely. The company itself reported that as of September 2010, 175 million accounts had been created. Firms that track unique visitors to tallied between approximately 20 million and 26 million per month last year.

But because of duplicate accounts, international users, “Twitter quitters” and the fact that many visitors to are simply reading public tweets and not truly using the service, those numbers are nearly all higher than survey data that asks internet users about their online and mobile habits.





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