Why Meta Descriptions are still important

15 03 2011

How Meta Descriptions are used on Search Engines and Social Media Websites

1. While not a ranking factor, the meta description is still important in organic searches as the search engines use this in the ‘snippet’ that appears below the title in search results.  The more relevant and enticing this snippet is, the more likely you are to get users to click on the listing.

Google Search Results showing Meta Description used as snippet for HighRankings.com

2. Many social media sites include the meta description when you share a link. As with organic search listings, a relevant and enticing description here is more likely to get clicked on and shared on further. (See this post onusing titles for social media success for more information on how links are posted on social media sites.)

Article sourced from Search Engine Journal

In other news:

StumbleUpon launched a new advertising platform called Paid Discovery.

StumbleUpon says Paid Discovery delivers “an engaged target audience directly” to advertisers without clicking through ads or links. “100% engagement, 100% of the time.”

There are three versions of Paid Discovery: Light, Standard, and Premium. Light costs 5 cents per visitor, and is targeted by interest, location, and demographics. It includes basic reporting, and integration with Google Analytics.

Standard costs 10 cents per “engaged visitor”. It consists of priority serving in content streams, the ability to target by interest, location, and demographics, as well as by device (web/mobile), reporting that includes site performance and visitor data, traffic analysis, and website quality score, and Google Analytics integration.

Finally, Premium gets guaranteed top serving priority in content streams, standard campaign targeting options, advanced reporting, integration with Google Analytics, and costs 25 cents per “engaged visitor”.

“Millions of influencers are using StumbleUpon to discover the best of the web and mobile,” the company says. “By hitting a button in their browsers or on their mobile device, StumbleUpon users are directed through a stream of sites that reflect their interests and that have been recommended by friends.”

I thought this could be a nice additional way of getting traffic, I guess it depends on what kind of ROI you’re looking at and how relevant these clicks actually are. In theory it sounds good though.





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