Charlie Sheen #winning at Twitter

9 03 2011

With all the Charlie Sheen gossip flying around, what people might not be addressing is apparently he’s a social media guru. Not only did Sheen break one of Twitter’s follower records by gaining a million followers in one 24-hour period (plus one hour, making it 25 and change), he’s also going make stacks of cash from his 140-word gems of wisdom. As indicated, Charlie Sheen is indeed winning and it looks like joining Twitter, allowing the sycophantic crowd to gather around him, might be his best move yet — “F-18, bro” rants aside.

According to an AdRants post, Sheen has signed a sponsored tweets deal with, a company that specializes in garnering celebrity endorsements in social media. The going rate for Sheen Twitter madness? 1 million dollars a year.

Article from here


Non-crazy people news after the jump:

  • Bloomberg, which is the source of the latest rumor, reported over the weekend, “Facebook Inc., the world’s biggest social-networking company, is holding talks with Skype Technologies SA about offering Web video calls to its 500 million users, two people familiar with the discussions said.
  • This is a pretty good article from Search Engine Journal about the pro’s of considering SEO before you build your website and not after.





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