People on Facebook don’t really like your company

24 03 2011

A report from IBM Institute for Business Value claims that there is a perception gap between consumers and brands in social media. The report says that consumers want deals but brands think they want to be a part of the community. Which sounds pretty much in-line with what I’ve seen. Obviously  company MiO got the memo.


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Social media is the biggest activity online in the UK

17 03 2011

Social networks continue to grow in dominance and for the first time ever, social media has become the single biggest activity online in the UK, overtaking the Entertainment category.

During January 2011 social networks accounted for 12.4% of all UK Internet visits. Across the 9,000 social networks that we monitor, there were over 2.4 billion visits from UK Internet users during the month – more than in any other month on record.

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Why Meta Descriptions are still important

15 03 2011

How Meta Descriptions are used on Search Engines and Social Media Websites

1. While not a ranking factor, the meta description is still important in organic searches as the search engines use this in the ‘snippet’ that appears below the title in search results.  The more relevant and enticing this snippet is, the more likely you are to get users to click on the listing.

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Charlie Sheen #winning at Twitter

9 03 2011

With all the Charlie Sheen gossip flying around, what people might not be addressing is apparently he’s a social media guru. Not only did Sheen break one of Twitter’s follower records by gaining a million followers in one 24-hour period (plus one hour, making it 25 and change), he’s also going make stacks of cash from his 140-word gems of wisdom. As indicated, Charlie Sheen is indeed winning and it looks like joining Twitter, allowing the sycophantic crowd to gather around him, might be his best move yet — “F-18, bro” rants aside.

According to an AdRants post, Sheen has signed a sponsored tweets deal with, a company that specializes in garnering celebrity endorsements in social media. The going rate for Sheen Twitter madness? 1 million dollars a year.

Article from here


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Follow up on Google’s algorithm change

3 03 2011

SEO Book has a pretty good article summing up the SEO perspective on the Google algorithm change: ”

Google makes a big algorithm change, and all hell breaks loose. Well, some hell, and some jumping for joy, depending on which direction a webmasters rankings went.

As I wrote in Content Farms Vs… at the beginning of last month:

Put it this way. Any algorithm that takes out Demand Media content is going to take out a lot of SEO content, too. SEO copy-writing? What is that? That’s what Demand Media do. As I outlined in the first paragraph, a lot of SEO content in not that different, and any algorithm that targets Demand Media’s content isn’t going to see any difference. Keyword traffic stream identical to title tag? Yep. A couple of hundred words? Yep. SEO format? Yep. Repeats keywords and keyword phrases a few times? Yep. Contributes to the betterment of mankind? Nope. SEO’s need to be careful what they wish for….

There were a lot sites following the SEO model of “writing for the keyword term” taken out, not just sites pejoratively labelled as “Content Farms”. Ironicly, the pinup example I used, Demand Media, got off lightly.

If you want more detail about what happened, and why, check out Aaron’s post Google Kills eHow Competitors, eHow Rankings Up, and, if you’re a forum member, this very detailed and insightful thread.”

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Google Algorithm Change: The winners and losers

2 03 2011

Not much going on today so I’m just going to repost this article from Search Engine Journal and leave it at that:

The air is heavy with hatred of spam as analysts rail against current search indexing tactics, a spam clock having been launched to decry the heavy amount of trash being generated, and some people even burning thingsto show their rage. While Google hasn’t necessarily joined this bandwagon, they have acknowledged the problems and have started implementing solutions. The two major elements introduced thus far have been a Chrome extension that will get user feedback on which sites are spam, and an update to the search algorithm designed to demote low-quality content.

There’s little doubt that Google’s change has altered the construction of the search engine pages, but figures vary somewhat on who actually winds up missing out and who gets closer to that coveted number one position. One of the more comprehensive evaluations of loss happens at Sistrix, where an advanced “visibility index” calculates the value of search terms based on their traffic, the click through rate on specific positions on the SERP, and more. According to that index, our top losers include eZine Articles, Suite101, Associated Content, Free Downloads Center, Essortment, American Towns, Article Base, Find Articles,, and All of those sites received more than a 90% visibility loss, according to the Sistrix index. Other analysts agree with at least several of these top items, but add, BizRate,, Squidoo, and Hub Pages to the list.

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Facebook still wants to give out your info

1 03 2011

Remember last month, when Facebook announced it was granting access to users’ mobile phone numbers and home addresses to third-party developers (upon users granting permission)? Soon after, the companysuspended the feature as privacy concerns quickly escalated.  Well they haven’t given up, more info after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »