Google’s three laws of display advertising physics

24 02 2011

As presented on the Official Google Blog.

Law number one (nicknamed “The Theory of Relativity”): “The distinction between different advertising technologies (like ad networks and demand side platforms) is blurring.  Each of these technologies provides similar ways to achieve your marketing goals, depending on how you want to manage your campaign.”

Law number two (AKA “Fusion Theory”): “There’s a few different ways to deliver ads to people.  Each on their own is powerful, but combining these different ways unlocks the best results.”

Law number three (or “The Law of Perpetual Motion”): “New technology is driving rapid change in display advertising – which is constantly improving marketers’ creative palettes and the way that ads are bought and sold.  Embracing new media and technology provides a key way for marketers to differentiate and grow their businesses in a new universe.”






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