Twitter follows are worth $2 and Facebook likes are worth $8

21 02 2011

ChompOn has released some interesting findings (pdf) related to social media sharing and its value to e-commerce. Specifically, the firm sought out to answer the question: “What is the value of a social action in online commerce?”

What they came up with is that a Facebook Share was worth $14, a Facebook “like” was worth $8, a tweet was worth $5, and a Twitter follow was worth $2.

“Admittedly, we believe the true value for likes and follows to be much higher due to creation of long-term loyalty,” says ChompOn. “Additionally, it is not possible to directly attribute traffic from these actions so it was necessary to estimate.

I guess these figures have to be an average, the context can change so massively from one company to the next I can’t imagine that you could accurately assign these figures to an individual company.
ChompOn Puts Value on Tweets, Likes, Shares, Follows

And in other news:

  • This from the Google Webmaster blog: “In the past, when you created a website or web app, you were largely limited to a few select “web safe” fonts such as Times and Arial. If you deviated from these fonts, you were required to use Adobe Flash or your embed text in images, which introduced a whole new set of trade offs.The good news is, with Google Web Fonts it is now possible to use hundreds of web safe fonts on your web pages.”
  • Facebook (along with a few other social media sites) exerts a strong pull in many countries all over the world, and new stats from comScore confirm that one of them is Australia.  comScore’s found that Australians dedicated almost 22 percent of their time online in December 2010 to social networks, versus 16.6 percent a year earlier.



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