JC Penney gamed Google: A black hat SEO story

14 02 2011
  • There is a pretty massive article on the NY Times about how US retailer JC Penney essentially paid for thousands of links in order to gain number one ranking across numerous search terms. I knew black hat SEO was frowned upon, but I never realized it was so effective. Considering that a massive company using these tactics on an equally massive scale took 3-4 months to get caught, it makes me think that there must be a lot of small companies getting away with this on a regular basis, perhaps even unaware of the tactics their SEO firm is employing although I do not believe this was the case with JC Penney.
  • According to several sources Twitter is in early talks with Google and Facebook about a potential buyout. The talks are very early at this point and haven’t gotten serious. It looks more like Twitter is currently exploring its options and gauging interest from these big companies. The company is reportly estimated to be valued at $10bn, up considerably from last years valuation of $3.7bn. With such a valuation many are wondering if Google or Facebook would really pay that for a company when it’s still making a loss.
  • “As you may know, Microsoft and Nokia have entered a strategic partnership, which will see Nokia producing Windows Phone platform smartphones. More on that here.

    One interesting part of the announcement that hasn’t gotten a whole lot of attention is that Bing will power Nokia’s search services across the company’s devices and services, and Microsoft adCenter will power search advertising across them as well.” From WebProNews. Despite the PR fluff that Nokia and Microsoft have been putting out, there are reports that Microsoft paid in the billions for this partnership with Nokia. This wouldn’t surprise me as Microsoft has financially muscled their way into industries before (xbox anyone?)




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