Revisiting Google Instant

8 02 2011
  • Checking back in with Google Instant, “According to Ben Gomes, the lead engineer on Google Instant, the engine’s newest feature has had a remarkably small attrition rate: Roughly 98% of users are using Instant, leaving around just 2% of users who have opted out.” They go on to claim this is despite the fact that the opt-out button is “really prominent.” If you give this a go yourself you’ll very quickly realize that the opt-out button is not prominent at all and personally I’m a little dubious about these numbers, I guess they’re probably US figures, but I don’t actually know anybody who uses instant.
  • Blekko says its search queries climbed to a million a day in January. CEO Rich Skrenta told WebProNews that Blekko has seen growth since its announcement that it has banned some content farms from its index.

    “We did see a big surge in traffic following our announcement that we banned the top 20 content farms,” he says. “We’ve had a lot of positive reaction to that from web users who are tired of seeing poor quality content in their search results.”

In slightly less SEO related news:

As someone who works within the magazine industry, I found this pretty interesting. They don’t mention the conversion to the digital, but I’m guessing thats got far more to do with it than supermarkets selling magazines.

“from mUmBRELLA by mumbrella

You may not have needed the ABC to tell you that the magazine medium is up against it, but when the circulation decline turns into a news story for the general public, then it starts ringing a few alarm bells.

When the Audit Bureau of Circulation six monthly figures come out later this month, we’ll know just how bad.”




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