Google’s new content spam detection may have kicked in

31 01 2011
  • WebmasterWorld thread has a bunch of SEOs and Webmasters complaining about a recent and significant drop in traffic from Google. These reports all come from webmasters who have had stable rankings in Google and stable traffic from Google for years. There is some speculation that Google’s new content spam detection and prevention techniques have kicked in
  • Marketing Pilgrim has an article about the extinction of the PC. According to a study by Deloitte, more than 50 percent of computing devices sold this year globally will not be PC’s. Honestly I would have thought this would already be the case, it’s not uncommon for a family to share a PC but everyone has their own phone.  But as long as all those Apps and Mobile OS’ are being written on PC’s I don’t see the PC dying out anytime soon. I’m kind of surprised they went with this angle. The main thing we can learn from this study I think is the growing importance of mobile marketing.
  • Earlier this week, it was revealed that Google had acquired fflick, a site that lets you log in with your Twitter account, and see what your friends have said about movies.
    According to Jason Kincaid, who first reported on the acquisition, fflick had always planned to expand beyond movies, with that just being the first vertical. It seemed to make sense that Google would take advantage of this to improve its social search features, including Hotpot. He was not alone in this thinking.
    Having your Twitter friends’ opinions about things you search for right along with the rest of your search results could be pretty valuable.



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