Google gains ground in China

20 01 2011
  • Despite all the conflict Google has faced in China, they are reporting a respectable gain in market share in that area while still remaining well behind of Baidu which holds 77 percent of the local market. Michael Kan wrote earlier today, “The search engine giant’s share of Chinese search advertising revenue rose to 23.1 percent in the fourth quarter of 2010, a 1.5 percentage-point increase from the third quarter, Analysys International said Tuesday.” 
  • Search Engine Optimization requires the inclusion of popular (highly searched) or profitable (highly searched just before buying) words into headlines, copy, and other page elements.  A recent interesting thread at Sphinn is called Stop Writing for People, Start Writing for Search Engines. The thread links to an article which clearly demonstrates the author’s experience in writing for both people and search engines
  • The David Naylor blog has done a write-up on Google Analytics, specifically how to drill down in order to segment and better understand the groups that make up your visitors. I found the parts about segmenting based on location and device pretty interesting, in his case he found that iPhones accounted for a reasonable amount of traffic and Edinburgh accounted for the highest conversion rates which allowed him to conclude it may be worth opening a store in Edinburgh and implementing a mobile version of the site.
  • In slightly trivial news, Playboy has gone digital. Hugh Hefner recently announced that the adult magazine giant would now be producing iPad editions of all their magazines. Later, Hefner added, “The iPad Version of Playboy will include the whole magazine from the first issue to the latest.” This makes them apparently the world first in producing adult content for the app store, but to me this just reinforces how important it is to cater to the digital market no matter who you are.
  • SeoMOZ has posted yet another great guide, this time it’s “32 SEO tactics to avoid.” Why 32? I guess they ran out of steam before reaching a more catchy number like 50. Link here



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