Facebook lets you pay for friends

14 01 2011

Search Engine Journal ran this article on paid Facebook advertising which I found pretty informative:

You will never make money on Facebook if you have the wrong fans. And the best way to get the right Facebook fans for your business is with Facebook ads

There are two main obstacles to people using Facebook Advertising:

  1. A lot of companies don’t have a budget for Facebook ads
  2. Most people don’t know how to create Facebook ads that are affordable

Prioritizing Your Online Marketing Efforts:

  1. AdWords for the highest ROI keywords
    AdWords reaches a point of diminishing return. Once you’ve established what keywords you can get a good ROI on, spend the rest of your budget on the lower priorities.
  2. SEO to get long term traffic on keywords you can rank for
    Every site reaches a point where they frankly don’t deserve to rank for more competitive terms. Even expanding your content with your blog only goes so far. Keep blogging, and move on to Facebook.
  3. Facebook Marketing and Advertising
    Facebook now gets more pageviews than Google. You can capture a targeted audience and, like an email list, market to them repeatedly. It’s way better than Twitter for B2C marketing
  4. Twitter Networking for PR and Opportunities
    Twitter gets only 5% the reach of Facebook, but it’s great for networking, reaching bloggers and journalists, and B2B marketing.

. Full article here


  • This post from the Google analytics blog focuses on an aspect that I think is probably overlooked with Analytics, and that is the value of your top exit pages in SEO. “Google Analytics does a great job of allowing you to analyze your web traffic through a very important metric: top exit pages. This metric, along with bounce rate and time on site, is valuable as it allows you to measure the impact of changes to your webpages. Did exit rate go up or down? You can choose to optimize pages with high exit rates to try to keep your visitors longer or help them convert, or — if the page is a logical exit point, you can monetize outgoing traffic on high exit pages by using Google AdSense.”



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