Microsoft matches Googles revenue per click

13 01 2011
  • Apparently “Microsoft adCenter has recently increased their revenue per click to match Google, in spite of having a small chunk of the search market share (maybe 25% between Bing and Yahoo! Search to Google’s ~ 75%).” This is pretty massive news for Paid SEO and it certainly wasn’t something I expected. WordPress link embedding is playing up so here is the big version
  • Google has implemented a new “add a friend” feature with Hotpot, Hotpot blog tells us, now when using Hotpot, recommendations and locations that your friends have made will float to the top of your priorities. This just indicates the increasing value Google is placing on social layers and it could be the start of the social integration they’ve been promising.
  • Perpetually troubled MySpace announced yesterday that they were laying off 47 percent of their employees, which equates to around 500 people. CEO Mike Jones tried to claim the company was still in good shape with 3.3 million new profiles since the rollout of the updated Myspace, but its hard to imagine how the company won’t be affected by losing half their staff.
  • Blekko, the recently launched search engine that relies on the community to help maintain relevancy, has launched “The Spam Clock”. This is essentially a counter that displays the number of spam pages created since the year started.
    “Every hour 1 million new spam pages are created,” the page proclaims. You can watch the number rise in realtime, though it’s unclear exactly what Blekko considers a spam page exactly.
  • When Android first entered the market against the already established iPhone and RIM devices, their presence seemed laughable. The Google name brought some appeal and the smartphone lineup had a couple clever features, but that didn’t make much of a dent at first. Well, times have certainly changed. With dozens of current devices and more being introduced with immense frequency, Android has managed to catch up to — and then stampede right past — Apple in terms of total subscribers.” This makes it a little easier for us SEO’s because soon all we’ll have to do is pander to Google for mobile and web relevancy. Article here



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