Facebook integrates with Bing, Clicker and the world.

16 12 2010
  • Bing introduced a handful of new features today. The one that will likely catch the most interest is the extension of its recent announcement regarding Facebook. Now, Bing will start showing you which of your Facebook friends have liked search results as they appear in your searches. This will be one clear advantage that Bing has over Google in terms of regular web search. Google has done a lot involving delivering social results, but Facebook data are THE social results that matter most – at least as long as Facebook is the dominant social site that it is today. With people constantly “liking” content all over the web, this can be a great indicator of relevance on a personalized level. It’s going to catch your attention when you notice your friend appear in the search results. More here
  • Along the same lines: Online television guide Clicker has introduced its own recommendation engine called Clicker Predict, along with Facebook integration.
    Clicker Predict considers more than 50 factors when making entertainment recommendation for users. These factors are updated as a person searches for, rates, discusses, saves, shares and views online programming.
    Clicker has also integrated Facebook likes and interests into Clicker Predict. When a user visits Clicker while logged into Facebook, a personalized view of TV and movies will be displayed, along with suggestions based on what the person and their friends have liked on Facebook and on other sites.
  • Twitter has launched a revamped version of business.twitter.com, which is a resource site aimed at helping businesses get the most out of Twitter.
    “Twitter has long been a home for all kinds of businesses,” says Carolyn Penner with Twitter Communications. “Whether it’s a neighborhood ice cream shop (@humphryslocombe), a favorite store (@lululemon) or a socially responsible shoe company (@TOMSshoes), people have gotten special offers, great customer support and valuable information by following businesses on Twitter.”
  • Microsoft employees should know that setting off fireworks would be neither seasonally appropriate nor entirely in proportion to the small search gains Bing may have seen last month.  But a new comScore report indicates that Bing did indeed see its share of the search market increase in November, and that’s all the more significant since Google and Yahoo saw their shares go down. The official report isn’t yet available but I’ll post it when it comes online.
  • And it’s not really marketing related but with all this Facebook news it seems relevant that Mark Zuckberg is Time Magazines Person of the Year.



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