Google and Bing confirm social media helps rankings!

6 12 2010
  • “As of yesterday, both Bing and Google have confirmed (via an excellent interview by Danny Sullivan) that links shared through Twitter and Facebook have a direct impact on rankings (in addition to the positive second-order effects they may have on the link graph). This has long been suspected by SEOs (in fact, many of us posited it was happening as of November of last year following Google + Bing’s announcements of partnerships with Twitter), but getting this official confirmation is a substantive step forward.” Article from SEOmoz
  • According to WebProNews,”Online advertising is considered a good way to target and reach consumers, but nearly two-thirds (63%) of Americans say they tend to ignore Internet ads, according to a new survey from Adweek Media and Harris Interactive. Among those who ignore Internet ads, 43 percent say they ignore banner ads the most and 20 percent say they ignore search engine ads the most. Smaller percentages say they ignore television ads (14%), radio ads (7%) and newspaper ads (6%); just 9% of Americans say they don’t ignore any of the listed types of ads.” I actually thought the numbers would be higher for this. Interestingly they also say that the more education people have the more likely they are to ignore advertising.
  • Online video viewers, it’s time to smile.  The TrueView ad format has launched on YouTube, meaning users will sometimes get the opportunity to pick the least objectionable commercial or even skip all but five seconds of an ad before watching a clip.
    Note the word “sometimes.”  Users shouldn’t get too happy (and advertisers shouldn’t get too scared), since skipping ads won’t always be an option.  Plus, picking one of three ads to watch is nothing new.
    Still, TrueView ads may represent a win for just about everyone.  As I wrote last month leading up to the rollout, marketers will now have to worry less about annoying people and/or getting ignored, and users will be able to decide what sort of viewing experience suits them best.



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