Google vs Facebook

1 12 2010
  • Facebook and Google don’t much acknowlege that they’re direct competitors, though there’s no question that in many ways they are. Eric Schmidt recently said Bing was it’s main competitor, and Mark Zuckerberg said its new messaging system isn’t an email killer and that “Gmail is a really good product.”

    It’s true that Bing poses a significant threat to Google’s search market share if Microsoft’s stars align the right way (Windows Phone is a huge success, people search from within Facebook more, etc.), but it is Facebook that is practically omnipresent throughout the majority of the web. You’d be hard pressed to find many authoritative sites that don’t have some kind of Facebook integration, even if it’s just “like” buttons. It is all of these many, many integrations together that make Facebook a very dangerous opponent to Google.

Full article here thanks to WebProNews

  • Black friday is the biggest shopping day of the year in the US but what about cyber Monday? Newly hailed as the biggest online shopping day in the world, Coremetrics, an IBM Company’s have created a benchmark to compare Cyber Monday against Black Friday. It’s a pretty interesting microcosm of online vs traditional purchasing. Article here
  • Good article on how Microsoft handles SEO for its own massive website.



One response

1 12 2010

It seems that social media has invaded our lives and is here to stay for good. You cannot speak to a teen without Facebook somehow invaiding the conversation. Googling and checking Facebook are some of my favoirte pastimes. I would agree that Facebook is competition for Google espically since Facebook will now be an e-mail adress. Soon social media, like Facebook and Twitter, will kill search engines. A once prominante search engine, like Yahoo, has fallen into the deep depths. Facebook will at one point be as good as or better than Google.

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