Facebook integrates with Bing, Clicker and the world.

16 12 2010
  • Bing introduced a handful of new features today. The one that will likely catch the most interest is the extension of its recent announcement regarding Facebook. Now, Bing will start showing you which of your Facebook friends have liked search results as they appear in your searches. This will be one clear advantage that Bing has over Google in terms of regular web search. Google has done a lot involving delivering social results, but Read the rest of this entry »

Google slides to third place in China

13 12 2010
  • It’s a pretty well-known fact that Baidu’s beaten Google in China, and all of Google’s efforts to reverse that fact haven’t accomplished much.  Unfortunately for the company, those efforts also failed to hold off another rival, as a new report puts Alibaba ahead of Google in the online ad market. Read the rest of this entry »

SEO guide: On Page optimization

7 12 2010

Continuing on from my previous guide on audits, we have this guide dealing with on-page optimization.

Title optimisation

The page title is the description that can be found at the top left of the page. The title shows the company name and the name of the page, which include the keyword. This is best practise. The title could be further optimised to include the section the user is in. The title is important not only for search engines, but also because this appears as the title of the search results. Read the rest of this entry »

Google and Bing confirm social media helps rankings!

6 12 2010

Google vs Facebook

1 12 2010
  • Facebook and Google don’t much acknowlege that they’re direct competitors, though there’s no question that in many ways they are. Eric Schmidt recently said Bing was it’s main competitor, and Mark Zuckerberg said its new messaging system isn’t an email killer and that “Gmail is a really good product.”

    It’s true that Bing poses a significant threat to Google’s search market share if Microsoft’s stars align the right way (Windows Phone is a huge success, people search from within Facebook more, etc.), but it is Facebook that is practically omnipresent throughout the majority of the web. You’d be hard pressed to find many authoritative sites that don’t have some kind of Facebook integration, even if it’s just “like” buttons. It is all of these many, many integrations together that make Facebook a very dangerous opponent to Google. Read the rest of this entry »