SEO guide: Technical Audits

30 11 2010

Over the next few weeks I’m going to be doing a few posts on specific digital marketing topics. Today I’m going to cover Technical Audits.

Technical audits are usually the second step in any SEO plan, it comes after you’ve done your keyword analysis.

But before we start looking at how to use the keywords and keyphrases to build new content, you need to make sure Google and other search engines can actually access your site. There is no point in creating keyword-rich content if Google is unable to find your site, access your content and index all your pages. Below is a detailed list of activities for your technical audit.

Creation of sitemaps: html and xml for submission to Google/Yahoo etc

Robots.txt: Create this file so to give Googles crawler instructions on how to read your page.

Tag images: Google’s crawler can’t read images unless you use very specific and clear alt tags. Put your keywords to good use here.

URL structure: Your URL should include your keywords. Look at domain name/URL optimisation.

Navigation and links: Use keywords as links so Google can tell what the page is about, minimize external links as it can reduce your pagerank.

And that’s technical audits for you!




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