Google goes to the movies

24 11 2010
  • Google is continuing to expand its empire, Claire Atkinson wrote “Sources said Google is eyeing the film rights to bolster its efforts to turn YouTube into a Web destination for longer form content, although Google may have to do battle with Netflix, which has also shown an interest in Miramax’s film library.” Could be interesting to see how longer form video is received on a channel which has an average view length of a few minutes.Apparently the new Google preview feature is registering visits everytime someone mouses over it on some analytics tools such as Sitecatalyst. Not sure if it has any impact on Google Analytics. It’s being caused because Google preview executes javascript to read the page and produce the preview. Obviously this could throw off a lot of SEO metrics. Article here.
  • I thought this was interesting, “9 out of 10 mobile Internet users have accessed the mobile web while at a store, according to a new study fromYahoo and Nielsen. Furthermore, 51% of those users indicate that they make a purchase after doing research on their mobile device.” Even if you don’t have a storefront its likely that people are researching your product wherever they encounter it. Article here.
  • This article suggests that likes are the new links for digital marketers, “Likes are…one year from now, or six months even…I think that we’re going to see that likes and referrals and recommendations have started to be, if not already are a major, major part of all the ranking algorithms, and there’s going to be a general shift towards improving quality of sites, not improving size of sites.”



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