Google has Cloud Connect and YouTube has Trueview

23 11 2010
  • According to WebProNewsGoogle announced a new feature of Google Docs today, called Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office [which] lets Office users automatically sync and backup their documents with Google Docs, so they’re always accessible on the web and able to be shared with others.” I had heard about this feature before but now I can see that it could have a pretty huge impact on corporate structure, working remotely is already on the rise with all the communications technology available to us. If Google Cloud Connect goes mainstream it could have a real impact on the way we do business.
  • YouTube is going to give their users the ability to skip advertisements. They call it TrueView, and according to AdAge, it’s going to launch very soon. TrueView has a number of options connected with it that change depending on whether you’re watching short-form or longer-form videos on YouTube. At the lowest level, viewers will be allowed to skip an ad. For longer material, YouTube is working with the concept of allowing the viewer to choose all ads up front or scattered throughout the program TV style. There’s also talk of offering the viewer a choice of ads which is something Hulu tried a few years ago. Not surprisingly Phil Farhi, a Google senior product manager told AdAge that the skippable concept was a “tough sell.” “Some advertisers had initial gut reaction of, ‘Wait, you’re gonna let users skip my ad?’.  But the thing that tips them over from that gut reaction is you’re not paying for those skipped ads, and it’s a system that allows you to reach that opted-in engaged audience at scale.”
  • This article from Mumbrella


And that’s it for today, very quiet on the digital marketing front.




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