Facebook surpasses Google

22 11 2010
  • In March Hitwise reported that the market share of visits to Facebook.com surpassed Google.com. Facebook has grown 60% since this time last year and represents 1 in 10 of US Internet visits.

Sm WMS Facebook 11-13-2010.png

“The amount of content consumption taking place on the popular social network has also grown substantially where nearly 1 in 4 page views in the US took place on Facebook.com for the week ending November 13, 2010. The market share of page views for Facebook.com was 24.27% last week, 3.8x the volume of the 2nd ranked website YouTube.com with 6.93%.”

Sm WPVs Facebook 11-13-2010.png

You should keep in mind however that Google doesn’t want you to stay on their page, or click through a lot of pages. In fact Google is putting a lot of effort into making sure you search faster and more efficiently (instant, preview etc.) So comparing it with Facebook on these terms is like apples and oranges. Still good information from Hitwise.

  • Pretty entertaining article on the basics of server codes: “Whether you’re an internet marketing wonk, a top IT geek or an SEO pro, you need to know how to speak web server. Not fluently, of course. If you can do the equivalent of asking where the bathroom is, you’ll be in good shape. That’s what I’m going to go over now.”
  • Google evidently has cash to burn, a few months ago they offered to buy Twitter at somewhere between 2.5-4 billion, and now they’ve offered US discount site Groupon 3 billion dollars. It’s also rumoured they want to buy Foursquare. Don’t be surprised if Google ends up buying their way into social media rather than developing it.



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