Project Titan part 2

18 11 2010
  • Online media is still abuzz about Facebook’s Project Titan, something interesting I found was this new quote from Zuckerberg, “Email filters of the past ten or fifteen years have gotten very good at filtering out the real junk, so you don’t get a lot of Viagra email anymore, but you do get a lot of random emails from the services you subscribe to…different things that you connect to that you might not be that interested in hearing from,” he continued. “And one thing that email can’t do is differentiate between two real people who are both real people sending you legitimate emails, but it can’t differentiate between which one you like more.” So basically Facebook’s messaging will judge spam based on whether or not your friends with the sender. I think the implications for marketers here is that if you already have an established social media presence you will be optimally positioned to communicate with your market if this messaging system takes off.
  • The Interactive Advertising Bureau released new numbers today that show record-breaking growth in online ad sales. Their third quarter 2010 study showed a 17% increase over the same period in 2009 — a full $6.4 billion in ad revenue.
  • Search Engine Journal has another article on Twitter marketing, 12 basic steps for using Twitter to grow your business. Pretty straight forward stuff, but good refresher on the basics.
  • And finally Google has released a new website called Boutiques, currently it’s only available in the U.S.  and retails female fashion, but expect them to widen their audience significantly in the coming months, some media outlets are claiming Boutiques will eventually compete with eBay.



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