Twitter translates

17 11 2010
  • Not surprisingly, sometimes key trending topics on Twitter are not in English. Twitter is aiming to break down communication barriers by using Google translate within their service. The implications for this go beyond being able to read about what’s popular in other countries, this could potentially make it easier for international companies to communicate to their whole audience through one channel, although I don’t believe Twitter is using translate in this manner yet.
  • Is ranking number one in Google losing it’s significance? Web Pro News addresses the issue in this article, “As you may have noticed, Google has been putting a great deal more emphasis on local these days than in years past. That includes everything from the introduction of Google Places and Place Pages to automatically showing more local results for certain searches.”
  • SEOmoz has a in-depth look at SEO and Social Media comparing the two as marketing channels, “Search is an intent driven activity. We don’t search casually (much), we search to find answers, information, goods and services to consume……  Social media is how we find out about new content on the web, particularly when we’re not seeking something in particular (as with a search).” It basically concludes that both are important channels with their own merits and you should invest in both. No real surprises there, but some good info in any case.



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