Facebook launches Project Titan messaging

16 11 2010
Today’s mostly about Facebook, which makes a nice change from Google.
  • I touched on this one yesterday but Facebook has now officially launched their new messaging service, here’s an excerpt from SMH’s story, “Zuckerberg dismissed notions that Project Titan, as its service is called, is the “Gmail killer” it’s been dubbed in the press. But he also said that just as high school students are forgoing email in favour of shorter, more immediate chats, more people down the line will send instant messages and chats because it’s simpler, “more fun” and more valuable to use.” It seems like Facebook is thinking long-term and trying to capture the teenage market and the stats from the US suggest they could be on to something, “Email use was the lowest – only 11 per cent of teens said they use it every day to interact with friends, compared with 54 per cent who said they text daily and 30 per cent who said they use landline phones.”
  • What SMH fails to mention however is that Project Titan includes a email service and yes, you will be able to get a @facebook.com email address. Zuckerberg specifically said, “This is not an email killer. This is a messaging system that includes email as one part of it.”
  • More good news for Facebook is that in terms of most valuable American web companies, they passed eBay to take third place behind Amazon and Google.
  • Also touched on this previously, but I’ve now been seeing Google previews in some of my search results so keep an eye out for a little magnifying glass to the right of your search results.
  • Search Engine Journal has a pretty good article on Social Media, “I’m amazed at how few marketers spend time listening to social networks before deciding whether or not to invest in them. Twitter and Facebook are often the perfect examples of networks you don’t necessarily need to participate in, but often companies get pressured into it because of all of the buzz they get.” Full article here



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