Mobile Metrics, Social Media and the decline of Yahoo

12 11 2010
  • An article on Mobile metrics had some pretty interesting insights today, “If you’re running a marketing campaign with no means of measuring the results, you’re wasting your money. Trouble is, with the marketing world changing as fast as it is, we haven’t even developed a baseline for what’s considered a success in Twitter or Facebook and mobile is even further behind. Because of this, the Interactive Advertising Bureau and the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) have put together a set of measurement guidelines that they’re hoping will become the standard for all mobile advertising.” Full article here.
  • It’s interesting to see how different companies orchestrate their social media strategies, and with there being so many potential use cases for a service like Twitter, finding the right approach can be critical. Full article on one companies approach here

And to close todays post, here’s a guide on how not to run a search engine, also known as the tale of Yahoo. Thanks to SEO journal.




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