Social Media users only follow five brands

8 11 2010

According to the 2010 Cone Consumer New Media Study: social media users will not follow more than five brands according to

So the question we’re all asking is how do you become one of the five?  77% of users said they followed a brand for free products or discounts but

The study also established that while coupons and discounts got users to start following you, they don’t have any staying power you need to engage and create long-term relationships with relevant content. According to Cone’s director of New Media, “The best new media strategies are those that balance relevant content with timely promotions and ongoing company-consumer dialogue.”

The survey also shows that, 58% of users will stop following a company if it acts irresponsibly toward its consumers, over-communicates with them (58%) or provides irrelevant content (53%). Under-communicating (36%) or censoring user-generated content (28%) are the lesser reasons why people disconnect.

It’s worth noting that every post you make on Facebook for example now has a drop-down menu that makes it incredibly easy for users to instantly “unfollow” you if they don’t like what you’re posting.

I think this survey just supports what we already know, promotions will get them in the door and quality content will make them stay.

In other SEO news:

  • Google Instant launched for Android and Iphones in the U.S. so watch out for that, initial reports are not favourable.
  • Google TV also launched in the U.S. I’m sure it’s still a long way off being mainstream but it could be worth optimizing future YouTube videos for wide resolution.



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