Blekko is the new kid on Google’s block

2 11 2010
  • A new search engine called Blekko launched yesterday. To entice SEOs they are providing free detailed linkage data and seo data on every site in their index.
  • LinkedIn users may be surprised to see that the network has started showing product recommendations on company’s profile pages LinkedIn Blog explained, “Company pages now allows you to showcase recommendations from your customers and helps build your brand virally and credibly on LinkedIn. . . .  When you promote and curate these recommendations, you have some of the most credible, authentic endorsements of your products on your Company Page’s Product tab.”
  • The latest browser stats are out for October, showing Chrome as the fastest growing browser holding a 7.98 percent month-on-month growth, Safari is growing by 5.27 percent, while Internet explorer which is still market leader holding 59 percent is losing .40 percent month-on-month.



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