Google pushes local and YouTube hits 1 billion subscribers

1 11 2010
  • Google has really been pushing the localization of search lately, declaring it to be their new focus. SEO Book has published a list of reasons why “promoting local businesses via the new formats has many strategic business benefits for Google”

  1. assuming they track user interactions, then eventually the relevancy is better for the end users
  2. allows local businesses to begin to see more value from search, so they are more likely to invest into a search strategy
  3. creates a direct relationship with business owners which can later be leveraged (in the past Google has marketed AdWords coupons to Google Analytics users)
  4. if a nationwide brand can’t dominate everywhere just because they are the brand, it means that they will have to pony up on the AdWords front if they want to keep 100% exposure
  5. if Google manages to put more diversity into the local results then they can put more weight on domain authority on the global results (for instance, they have: looked at query chains, recommended brands in the search results, shown many results from the lead brand on a branded search query, listed the official site for searches for a brand + a location where that brand has no office, etc.)
  6. it puts eye candy in the right rail that can make searchers more inclined to look over there
  7. it makes SEO more complex & expensive
  8. it allows Google to begin monetizing the organic results (rather than hiding them)

And in other Google related news, YouTube has hit it’s 1 billionth subscription since launching the subscribe feature in 2006.




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