Microsoft defies expectations with Bing

29 10 2010
  • Microsoft has exceeded its quarterly predictions by a wide margin, and is placing a lot of credit on the success of Bing
  • A pretty interesting article on Search Engine Journal covers how to build links with infographics. The idea seems to be you create a compelling infographic for your industry, preferably piggy-backing onto a recent trend/news event and it will virally spread itself with your link attached.
  • Straight from the Google blog, “How do you increase sales and build your brand when you’re on a limited budget? You might consider using YouTube’s Promoted Videos. YouTube reports that it has served its 500,000,000th Promoted Video view this week and has seen a six-fold increase in clicks it has delivered to businesses such as Shopper’s Choice,Dynomighty and Orabrush.”
  • An article on Webpro talks about the different aspects of social media, “Social media marketing can be broken down into three categories: earned media, paid media, and owned media” and how to combine them for a more effective approach.
  • Ontolo has launched a new version of their Link Building Toolset which allows users to manage multiple link building campaigns, a free trial is now available and reviews from SEOs have been good.
  • Myspace is set to launch a full rebrand seeking to reposition themselves away from Facebook and appeal more to 13-35 year olds seeking entertainment-centric social space seperate from adults and parents. Is this a desperate move to stay relevant or a solid plan to recapture some of the market? I guess only time will tell.



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