AOL is the Devil

25 10 2010
  • AOL has been rolling out its new form of display advertising called Project Devil. It’s too early to tell if these new devil ads are a success, but they have everything going for them. Interactivity, video, and social media integration, all in a non-invasive package. This feeds into brands becoming  more savvy about creating ads that look like content. So far Devil advertisments have only been placed by big brands, such as Lexus due to the prohibitive amount of space they take up on a website.
  • According to an article on Web pro news, people are more likely to be dishonest over Twitter than in person, “Some people have complained that it’s hard to get much information out of someone in 140 characters.  It may also be more difficult to obtain the truth.  A study has found (or confirmed, if you like) that individuals are more honest when dealing with each other face-to-face than when using Twitter.” This could have an impact on the integrity of Twitter marketing.
  • Here is an excellent starter guide to getting your social media plan up and running that covers Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. It also has a fair bit of overlap with the guides I published last week, but also covers more niche social media spaces.
  • A few weeks ago I linked an article from Conversation Marketing about the content duplication issues that can arise from bad pagination, now they have a follow-up about default page linking, “The problems arise when a developer or designer links to default pages using different link styles at different times. For example, if your site has a ‘home’ link that points at ‘/index.htm’ or ‘default.aspx’ or whatever your default page is, you’ve created duplication.”





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