The definitive guide to awesome web content by someone else

22 10 2010
  • The definitive guide to awesome web content for SEO. Need I say more? Warning, it’s really long. Read on for the daily recap:
  • In theme with the social media guides this week, there is a new post on the YouTube blog about building your brand and audience.
  • Since the inception of the Google Display Networkcontextual targeting has helped you to reach users effectively. This type of targeting allows you to show your ads next to related web content that users visit across millions of sites on the Display Network. Today, Google is announcing an AdWords feature that provides you with example sites in the Display Network where your ads may appear when using contextual targeting.
  • An article on Web Pro News today covers the rising importance of local and social searches, “social and local go hand-in-hand. Growth from search engines are being outpaced by non-search engines. Growth in search is driven by local….Facebook is local in nature. It’s capitalizing on search with its search bar…Google is getting more serious about localized search, cites Google Places as an example.”



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