Facebook Marketing 101

21 10 2010

Leading on from Youtube and Twitter marketing, this post is going to be covering social media giant Facebook weighing in at 500 million users. While vastly different to Twitter there is some overlap in strategy.

I’ve broken it into three sections this time, Basics, Optimizing and Advanced. Each section is just a compiled list of tips and advice.

The basics:

  1. Say something worth saying – People do not want to the same recycled promotions cluttering up their page. Keep posts unique, topical and current.
  2. Constant updates – Everytime you update it updates on your fans’ news list, the more you post the more aware they will be of you. But your posts need to have value to them otherwise it’s just spam.
  3. Engage with your users – Become a real entity rather than a faceless news feed, participate in comment conversations on your posts better yet start comment conversations encourage participation from users. It’s ok to take a side or have an opinion on a subject but keep it professional and objective.
  4. Be efficient with fan requests – People want to be acknowledged when they become a fan, why turn away potential customers. Try to approve requests within the same day.
  5. Hold contests – People love free stuff, it’s a very easy way to add perceived value to your Facebook page. This helps answer the question, “What’s in it for me?” when a potential user is considering joining your site.
  6. Start with your existing clientele – Create a separate e-mail account in Gmail and import all the e-mail addresses of your clients there. Now when you use this account to create a new Facebook profile – the system will automatically find all of your clients in your address book and suggest to add them as your friends on Facebook.
  7. Get a distinctive URL – To be able to convert your ugly “326727833086?ref=sgm&ajaxpipe=1&__a=7” URL into something more professional and distinctive, like “http://facebook.com/mybusinesspage” you need to have at least 25 fans. Once you do – go to http://www.facebook.com/username/ and click the “Set a username for your Pages” link at the bottom.
  8. 8. Cheat – Ask fellow staff & friends to post “likes” and comments on each of your status updates to boost its rankings. Only status updates with 5 or more “likes” and comments show up in the Top News section. This will also make your wall look “alive”, which will inspire your fans to be more active on your page and participate in the conversation.


  1. Use keywords in the Facebook profile tab to help attract search engine rankings
  2. Optimize keywords in titles and descriptions but keep it organic. In other words find a way to say what you were going to say that uses more keywords like Investment without losing the message.
  3. Synergy – Ensure your Facebook page makes it very easy to travel to your main website and other social media assets. Integrate “like” buttons into all of your content, maybe add Facebook links into your email signature, forum signature, twitter info, author bio, LinkedIn, pretty much anywhere you can think of. The buttons are not obtrusive and they make your company come across as more sophisticated.


  1. Facebook comes with built-in engagement stats to help you understand what your users care about, or what they don’t care about.
  2. Facebook advertising can add popularity to your Facebook page and has very precise targeting features. But you will have to go out of pocket on it.
  3. Page Name” is one of the the strongest ranking factors on Facebook search. Don’t miss the opportunity to add some keywords you wish to rank for as you are not allowed to change your page name later.
  4. Just keep keywords in mind when adding any kind of content to your Facebook page.
  5. Videos and pictures are good help liven up your page, even better is tagging your fans/colleagues from awards nights or other events.
  6. Direct messaging is very powerful and also very annoying if abused. Facebook does not filter for spam like email.

That’s all I’ve got for now, feel free to leave questions or feedback in the comments and I’ll try to dig up information for you.




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