Twitter marketing 101 part 2

20 10 2010

Continued on from part 1:

Bad ways to use twitter:

Spam: This is pretty obvious but surprisingly overlooked often, spam is subjective based on the user but generally unsolicited direct contact with promotional offers is seen as spam. However if your twitter account revolves around promotion then it’s probably ok.

Avoid posting duplicate content and most importantly post content that people actually want to engage with, if they have to start skimming through your feed to find something they want to read you will quickly lose their attention. Don’t post just to post, post to entertain or educate.

Don’t Fail to Integrate:

Users should never have to look for your Twitter icon, it should always be a click away. The same goes for Facebook and other social media.

Don’t lose focus:

The most successful companies that use Twitter take a niche and make it their own.


Amusing website here that focuses on what not to do with Twitter marketing with users posting their negative experiences.

In conclusion:

Twitter marketing is mostly common sense just try to look at things from the user’s perspective, why are they there, when are they there, what’s in it for them, what annoys them? We’ve all been the user at some point so this shouldn’t be too much of a stretch. Imagination and good content will take you far.




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