Spain and Canada don’t trust Google and nobody trusts Facebook

20 10 2010
  • Google is not making friends with Spain or Canada when it comes to internet regulation and collection of sensitive Wi-Fi data. They are possibly facing fines of $3.3 million in Spain and Canada’s Privacy Commissioner has declared that Google broke Canadian privacy laws and is pushing for them to delete the personal data they captured, rest here. In other Google news a new version of the Chrome browser launched today and the report offensive image option is back in image search, use it wisely.
  • Despite the widespread use of social media, only 16% of internet users trust social media and blogs according to a study by Vision Critical. Full article on the issue here.
  • A really good article here on with tips for email marketing; “Marketing automation has made it possible for a small sales staff to contact and monitor 1,000 of customers with just a few key strokes, but such ease of use has its downside. Just because you can send out mass mailings, doesn’t mean you should. 1,000 randomly targeted emails might bring in a couple of dollars, but Eloqua, a provider of marketing automation solutions says that proper lead scoring and nurturing are more likely to pay off in the long run”
  • A new patent lodged by Google suggests that user profile data may become important in the way Google ranks webpages; article here but be warned, it’s a little dense.
  • An interesting article on the value of long-tail search terms based on SEOMOZ research, “SEOMOZ has collected some great data about the long tail, so I’ll just summarize –  ‘Long tail’ terms comprise 70% of all search queries; The top 1000 terms searched only comprise 10% of all search queries. The long tail is where it happens. No one long tail phrase will show up in an SEO’s portfolio – getting a high ranking for ‘socks that are blue with spots’ is far less sexy than ranking #3 for ‘socks’. But they do the work, because folks who search for them are more likely to buy/become leads, and because the vast majority of searches are long tail.”


This quote seemed relevant to todays opening subject. “When it comes to privacy and accountability, people always demand the former for themselves and the latter for everyone else.

– David Brin




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