Google has its head in the clouds

19 10 2010
  • Google announced a new feature called “Cloud connect’ today, they had this to say, “In the last year, businesses have started using cloud-based applications from Google and other technology providers at an accelerated rate. While many organizations still have information that resides in on-premise systems, more and more important business information today is living in the cloud, in collaborative tools like Google Apps—now used by more than 3 million businesses—and services like Twitter. Starting today, Cloud Connect for the Google Search Appliance lets workers search across both on-premise and cloud-based content from a single search box, delivering more comprehensive results and improving productivity.”
  • Perfect Market, a company that “helps publishers create value from their online content with little effort and no risk1” released a study that’s been getting quite a bit of attention. The study analyzes the relative traffic value per visit of several types of content, coming to the conclusion2 that “while the Lindsay Lohan sentencing and other celebrity coverage drove significant online traffic for major news publishers, articles about unemployment benefits, the Gulf oil spill, mortgage rates and other serious topics were the top-earning news topics based on advertising revenue per page view.” However the study is based on a single metric and probably not comprehensive enough to draw accurate value conclusions.
  • Here’s an excerpt from a Google article on Adwords and Search marketing, “It is great to have a highly ranked organic listing; however you can’t control the message to your potential customers with organic listings in the same way that you can control it with search marketing campaigns. By advertising on and the search network, you can control the message that you share with all potential customers and determine the landing page to which you direct your potential customers after they click on the ad. These features can lead to increased sales.”
  • An interesting article at Marketing pilgrim covers how to deal with Google reputation, specifically how do you deal with something like a negative blog post that comes in at three on rankings about your company.
  • Another interesting article suggesting alternate ways to go about finding links for link building.



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