Google put some analytics in my page

18 10 2010
  • The life of the average Google Analytics user is about to get rather less complicated.  Today, Google announced a beta feature called In-Page Analytics that should allow people to stop juggling tabs or dealing with older, less sophisticated tools. In-Page Analytics works as an overlay (indeed, it replaces Site Overlay), allowing users to see data superimposed right over different products or design elements. Article and video here.
  • “Online ticket seller Eventbrite recently published a study that claims that sharing in social media can be quantified with a dollar amount. They boldly claim that their report, “Social Commerce: A First Look at the Numbers,” is the “first tangible data to quantify the value and impact of social media in driving eCommerce.” I don’t know if I completely buy either concept, but let’s take a look. Eventbrite put together a series of tools that allowed them to look at ticket sales of a particular event before and after the event was shared on Facebook, Twitter and by email. What they found was that ticket sales rose proportionally to the number of times the event was shared between friends. Boiling it all down, they figured that Facebook was worth an average of $2.52 per share while Twitter was only worth .43. Email came in second highest at $2.34.”
  • An interesting article on pagination issues with duplicate pages can be found here



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