Monitor your brand

15 10 2010
  • Webpronews has this article on Search Monitoring, “When businesses think of search marketing, they tend to think about things like SEO and paid search, but there is another critical element of search – monitoring. You want to monitor your brand using search engines, and while reputation management certainly plays into this, it’s not just about reputation management, it’s about finding where people are talking about your brand and finding ways to engage with them. This not only humanizes your brand (a theme we’ve discussed a lot recently, based on various talks from the Inbound Marketing Summit), but can also help you be there for people when they need you. The conversations that are happening really dictate the solution that it is your duty to provide.” Rest of the article here.
  • SEO journal has an article about using selling techniques to become a better SEO consultant, “A consultant’s role is to bridge that gap by demonstrating the benefits of fixing the problems they’ve found. Does a client need to rewrite their title tags? Tell them how it might benefit their rankings and click-through rates.”
  • Google announced they have updated the link reports in Google Webmaster Tools. The update adds the domains linking most to your site, the pages on your site with the most links, and a sampling of the anchor text external sites are using when they link to your site. Plus you can drill down even deeper.





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