Twitter your way to sales

12 10 2010
  • Could Twitter become the “must-buy” ad platform of the future? It’s not going to happen next week, but The New York Times says that Twitter is gearing up in hopes of becoming more than a fast blip on the radar. Many feel that the act of promoting Dick Costolo from COO to CEO is a sign of things to come. The article also notes that Twitter has a group of employees working on advertising instead of just one.
  • Google’s John Mu had this to say about website’s using pipes in their url (which is this character | )  “We’ll generally crawl and index any accessible and valid URL, I’m sure you’ll find many URLs with “pipe” characters in it in our index. That said, just because it’s possible doesn’t necessarily make it a good idea :-). Similar to using spaces in URLs, those characters may cause issues elsewhere, so personally, I’d try to minimize the risk of problems anywhere by avoiding those kinds of URLs.”
  • Seomoz has a really interesting article on using YouTube as a keyword research tool that is perhaps more useful than the Adwords tool.
  • Facebook users who like a brand’s page on the site are thirty-three percent more likely to buy a product, and 92 percent more likely to recommend a product to others, according to a new report from DDB and Opinionway.
  • An article from the YouTube blog tells the story of a business that increased it’s revenue by using promoted videos, “Online video advertising is central to our business. For this past August, our revenue was up 48%. Our videos were viewed 94,000 times during that month alone. Overall traffic to is up 20% from last year.”



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