Mozilla adds Bing

7 10 2010
  • Mozilla will soon be releasing the newest version of their popular open Web browser, Firefox and will be adding an option for users that prefer to NOT have Google as their default search engine. With Firefox 4 will come the ability to make Microsoft’s Bing you’re go-to choice for conducting searches
  • .Facebook made three major announcements today: a new Groups feature, a way to download all of your Facebook profile information, and a Dashboard to see how apps are using your data.
  • Google is apparently testing a feature in its search results pages that allows users to see full-page previews of sites before they click through to them.
  • An interesting article on monetizing social media marketing here covering points like, “We’re in a unique early phase of social media marketing history, ripe with opportunity. And it’s cheaper now than it will be later on.”
  • Another pretty interesting article on the benefits of ISEO (International Search Engine Optimization)



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