Promote your Twitter accounts and follow them on Google TV

5 10 2010
  • Twitter is updating it’s Promoted Tweets feature launched in April of this year, which allowed businesses to highlight ordinary tweets that they would like to reach a wider audience. These tweets appeared at the top of search results pages that have something to do with what users were looking for. Today, the micro-blogging site announces that it is adding another product to it’s Promoted feature, Promoted Accounts. With this new feature brands can pay to have their accounts appear in the Suggestions for you section in the right hand panel of a users home page. (Search Engine Journal.)
  • Some interesting speculations on the impact of Google TV here such as the increased exposure of online advertising.
  • Given the high volume of users who tend to abandon shopping carts online, Problogger has a really useful article on 10 ways to reduce friction in the purchase process.
  • Google has been testing the new keyword tool for about a year now. Last week, Google announced they are confident enough with it to let it out of beta. That means the previous Keyword Tool and Search-based Keyword Tool are no longer available in AdWords. There is now one single keyword tool and it is available when you login to your AdWords account.
  • Out of 150 SEO’s, 56 percent said they were planning on altering their strategy due to Google Instant, survey here.



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