Google likes it quick

1 10 2010
  • Google has introduced a new image format, designed specifically to reduce loading times. The format WebP replaces older formats like Jpeg coming in at about 65% of the size with almost identical quality. This is particularly important for SEO with Google announcing that it now factors loading speed into Pagerank. More here.

  • As reported by  Search Engine Journal “Google’s URL shortening service,, has added new features and launched it’s open service and companion site today for public use. When the feature first went into action in December of last year, it was not a stand-alone one. It was only accessible through the Google Toolbar and FeedBurner. However, now is it openly available by visiting”
  • According to comScore Facebook has passed Yahoo in terms of monthly unique visitors but still trails behind Google/Youtube who are firmly in first place.
  • YouTube’s promotion tools were demonstrated on the YouTube blog claiming that promotion at $0.03 per view increases views per day by 30x when compared to two weeks prior to promotion.”  Also, “Partners in the test got 46,000 subscriptions that were directly attributed to sessions with a Promoted Video click.  The cost averaged out to be between $4-$6 a subscriber.”
  • The guys over at Inside adwords have made a new addition to their Bid Simulator tool, called Estimated top impressions, comparing your current ad appearances to projected ones based on different keyword cpc bids.



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