Twitter junkies get a new toy and Bing gets a new bot.

30 09 2010
  • Tweetbeat launched today, the website provides tweets about “major events” in real-time, according to the sites owners Kosmix it indexes 90 million tweets a day. Twitter junkies now have a way to mainline their fix.
  • Bingbot is here. Microsofts new web crawler is identical to it’s old one in all but name. However you may need to update advanced checking in your robots.txt. More here.

  • Google instant adds keyboard navigation, use the arrow keys to select the keyword you were after and it instantly changes to show that result page.
  • You might notice today that Google has a Flintstones logo commemorating the 50th anniversary of the show.
  • 58% of American consumers do online research before purchasing products and services. More here
  • An interesting study on companies in the UK adopting twitter claims that 90 percent of companies have tried twitter, but 40 percent did not maintain it, while only 18 percent are actively involved with using it. Futhermore there has been an overall decline in companies usage of social media over the last year.
  • Facebook and Skype are poised to strike up a deep integration partnership bringing features like sms and voicechat to Facebook.
  • Google Adwords is running a promotion called the train and gain challenge, once signed up you receive four weeks of free advice on improving your Adwords account and after filling out a survey you can go in the running to win some of the prizes on offer, like an android phone. Check out the Train & Gain site for more details about the challenge



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