Twitter junkies get a new toy and Bing gets a new bot.

30 09 2010
  • Tweetbeat launched today, the website provides tweets about “major events” in real-time, according to the sites owners Kosmix it indexes 90 million tweets a day. Twitter junkies now have a way to mainline their fix.
  • Bingbot is here. Microsofts new web crawler is identical to it’s old one in all but name. However you may need to update advanced checking in your robots.txt. More here.

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In social media Twitter trumps Myspace

29 09 2010

Although it obviously took a little while for anyone to notice, it looks like August will go down as a very important period in Twitter’s history.  comScore has determined that Twitter passed MySpace in terms of unique visitors last month, with Twitter hitting 96 million over Myspaces 95 million. Over the last few years Twitter has averaged 76 percent growth while Myspace has been shrinking by 17 percent.

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Happy Birthday Google; France is suing you

28 09 2010

What’s going on in the world of SEO today?

–      Facebook announced a few Platform updates, including updates to the Live Stream Plugin, Liked articles appearing in search results, and improvements to real-time updates. Read the rest of this entry »

Why WordPress?

28 09 2010

So when I was given the task by my boss/mentor Francis of beginning an SEO blog; the first decision I had to make was which platform to use. I found an article by Life hacker pretty useful but I compiled the data I gathered into this table to help me choose. Read the rest of this entry »